ESF training and qualification within the context of the Recognition Act
(funding programme "Network IQ")

The guideline "ESF training and qualification within the context of the Recognition Act" was a new priority area within the "Integration through Qualification" (IQ) Network. The aim of the new guideline was to help persons with a foreign ackground earn the qualifications they need so that their foreign professional credentials are fully recognised in Germany, or so they can access employment opportunities that are appropriate for their level of education.

The planned modules were:

  • Development of recognition/qualification advisory and guidance services
  • Qualification measures for regulated professions
  • Up-skilling courses in the dual system of training
  • Bridging measures for university graduates
  • Preparation for external examination if the result/forecast of the professional qualification recognition process is negative

Profile of the programme

Target group
  • Migrants, people with a foreign background

(irrespective of residence permit) whose foreign professional qualification was not deemed to be equivalent to the German qualification by the professional qualifications recognition process or who need bridging measures to be able to enter the labour market at a position that is suitable for their qualifications.

Number of projects


Implementation period

2015.01.01 - 2022.12.31

  • Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Funding priority

A: Promoting sustainable and quality employment and supporting labour mobility

Additional Information

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Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales

Referat I6

11017 Berlin

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