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Addressing Youth Unemployment in Europe through transnational ESF mobility measures

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TLN-Mobility supports the launch of the new EU-wide mobility programme "ALMA"

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen announced a new European mobility programme for young adults not in employment, education or training, called ALMA ("Aim, Learn, Master, Achieve"). The programme is based on a proposal developed by TLN Mobility.
We support the launch of ALMA and stand ready to assist anyone interested in the programme with our knowledge and experience. We also welcome any interested member state or region to join our network and participate in our regular exchanges. Read more


A Learning Network on Transnational Mobility Measures for Disadvantaged Youth and Young Adults

Youth unemployment is still a challenging reality in many European Member States and regions. According to the European Commission there are still millions of unemployed young people under 25 in the EU, equating to a high youth unemployment rate. This situation has been aggravated since the outbreak of the COVID 19-pandemic in 2020.

The ESF-funded Learning Network on Transnational Mobility Measures for Disadvantaged Youth and Young Adults (TLN Mobility) is a partnership between 11 Member States and regions in Europe to tackle youth unemployment through transnational mobility. The partners recognise the positive impact that work stays abroad have on the prospects for young disadvantaged people to enter training or employment. They have therefore planned and programmed transnational mobility measures to be supported through their national and regional ESF 2014-2020 programmes.

In order to facilitate transnational collaboration between Member States in this field, TLN Mobility developed a Coordinated Call on Transnational Mobility Measures for Disadvantaged Youth and Young Adults. The Coordinated Call defines common parameters on target group, eligibility of costs, quality and implementation structures for transnational ESF mobility measures. An additional Manual of Guidance provides further recommendations and detailed examples for implementation.

Read more about TLN Mo­bil­i­ty [PDF, 91KB] and the Coordinated Call.


TLN Mobility project competition #mytlnmobilityexperience
What is the main change in your life after taking part in the mobility programme?

With this question TLN Mobility launched a project competition in 2019 for all projects under the TLN Mobility scheme and invited participants to tell their stories in a short video and recount how they have benefited from the European idea.

14 videos were handed in from Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, the Spanisch Autonomous Community of Catalonia and Sweden. The top 3 of them were put together in a film. The film and all the videos are now available here.

TLN Mo­bil­i­ty Part­ner­ship

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As part of the TLN Mo­bil­i­ty, ESF ad­min­is­tra­tions from 11 EU Mem­ber States and re­gions have agreed to sup­port and co­or­di­nate ac­tion for transna­tion­al mo­bil­i­ty un­der the ESF 2014-2020.

Na­tion­al/Re­gion­al Calls

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By Au­gust 2020, nine EU Mem­ber States and re­gions have launched na­tion­al/re­gion­al calls on mo­bil­i­ty mea­sures for dis­ad­van­taged youth and young adults based on the Co­or­di­nat­ed Call.

Part­ner Search Database

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TLN Mo­bil­i­ty pro­vides a part­ner search database for all projects tak­ing part in transna­tion­al mo­bil­i­ty pro­grammes un­der the Co­or­di­nat­ed Call.