National and regional implementation of the Coordinated Call

The "Coordinated Call" which had been designed for the former TLN Network in 2014 has set a framework for transnational mobility under the ESF in Europe and took a voluntary approach of transnational coordination between EU Member States and regions. It had no central budget attached to it. The current "ALMA manual of guidance" which has been published by the European Commission follows the structure of this Coordinated Call.

ESF Managing Authorities and ESF Implementing Bodies in the different Member States and regions who intended to finance transnational mobility programmes with the ESF under the Coordinated Call did this via their regional or national ESF 2014-2020 Operational Programmes.

The mandatory minimum requirements as defined by the Coordinated Call and further explained in the Manual of Guidance served as a basis for developing the regional and national programmes. ESF Managing Authorities and ESF Implementing Bodies were at liberty to make additional specifications if they wished to do so.

More information on the setup of the past regional and national ESF mobility programmes implemented under the Coordinated Call can be found in the different sub-sections.

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