Servicio Andaluz de Empleo (SAE), Autonomous Community of Andalusia

The Servicio Andaluz de Empleo (the Public Employment Service of Andalucía), SAE, is an autonomous public body attached to the Regional Ministry of Employment, Training and Self Employment.

SAE has competences related to employment such, the design of policies to promote employment, guidance and information, job placement, prediction of labour market trends, registry of job demands, intermediation between employers and job-seekers, etc.

SAE policies focus on both employers and job-seekers. These policies are founded on employment incentives, a continuous effort to improve the quality, accessibility and delivery of services. Tailored support for jobseekers is considered a key tool for improving employability and designing an effective own move-into-work strategy (statistical profiling for employment).

New information and communication technologies are used to make most of our services accessible online. Online office attention is provided 24/7.

As a regional employment service, SAE provides employment services to the whole region of Andalucía (south of Spain). Andalucia is the largest Spanish region in terms of area (87.597 sq km) and population (8.371.270 inhabitants).

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Key actions in our regional ESF (2014-2020): Youth Guarantee and Work after 45 Programs. For further information please go to: ESF Andalusia 2014-2020

"Our administration has decided to join the TLN Mobility because we consider the programme an opportunity for our disadvantaged youth."

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