Fundación Paideia Galiza, Spain

"Our organisation has decided to join the TLN Mobility because the expected result will be a coordinated programme that will offer a chance for young persons who tend to be excluded from transnational campaigns."

Fundación Paideia was established in 1986 to provide open, inclusive interdisciplinary and multi-dimensional training and education, coupled with intervention and research in Human and Social sciences. Over more than 25 years Fundacion Paideia has consolidated its presence in Galicia, the setting and beneficiary of the majority of its projects. The Foundation has since become an institution of Galician interest that commits to a territorial development balanced with Europe, and focuses on fostering entrepreneurship, encouraging entrepreneurs and facilitate the generation and growth of those businesses to promote groups that have more difficulties in entering the labour market.

The Project Department team is actually developing different European programmes in the rural area towards the rural women and youngsters (Equal, Leader +, Youth with Europe, La Ida - integration of young people at risk of social exclusion). And also the EVS program, which facilitates to the young people the possibility to  have some experience in European or South America Countries, developing voluntary tasks in different projects. It is addressed to young people between 18 and 30 years, no special training recquired, young people interested in new experiences, applicants interested in learning about other cultures, languages and customs, duration between 6 and 12 months, without any economic cost, social, cultural and environmental projects. Since 2001 Paideia set up a development group together with different Galician rural regions, in the province of A Coruña, furthermore businesses and associations from the references territories were also involved. The Project team directs and coordinates this work.

The fundamental axes are (achieving the Europe2020 objectives):

  • Provision of a transnational experience, a complementary qualification, for young people in situations of disadvantage, to increase their competences and serve like vocational guidance and linguistic learning through training placements in companies
  • Increase of competences of young unemployed people, improving their labour possibilities in the near future

  • Conciliation of family and labour life 

  • Equal opportunities

  • Training for employment 

  • An increase and improvement in the integration of drop outs in the labour and educational field

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