Transnational mobility under the ESF in Czech Republic

1. Brief description of planned programme

Our current mobility call “International mobility and social re/integration of disadvantaged youth” was launched in 2018. In total 14 projects are supported under this call and all of them are currently in realization, although some activities were suspended due to Covid-19 crisis.

The total contracted budget is 350.000 € and we expect to support at least 272 participants in total (participants that will have received at least 40 hours of some support within the project) and send abroad minimum of 180 participants (participants who will have successfully completed the stay abroad activity) within the period 2019 - 2022.

As a support mentioned above there is wide range of activities offered to participants, the main one being of course the stay abroad activity. Other activities include various types of counselling, job training / retraining, language courses and motivation. Each participant is offered the right mix of activities in order to fulfil the target of our mobility call, which is to enable disadvantaged young people to get their lives back on the right track by finding a job or getting back to education.

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2. Intended target group

Disadvantaged people in the age group 15-30 registered at the labour office or inactive – NEETs. This includes people with lower levels of education (no tertiary education, secondary education only with combined disadvantages), people from ethnic minorities, ex clients of children’s homes and disabled people/people with health issues.

Based on the experience from our previous mobility call we expect, that the majority of participants will be long-term unemployed with primary education (including people from ethnic minorities).

3. ESF Thematic Priority

The call was published under Czech operational programme “Employment”, priority axis “Social innovation and transnational cooperation”, specific objective “Increase quality and quantity of use of social innovations and international cooperation in the thematic areas of the OPE”.

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